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The OZEV (Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles) grant scheme is designed to help EV owners reduce the cost of a Home Charger by £350. If you qualify for the grant, here at tecEv our helpful team will do the heavy lifting and carry out the claim on your behalf.


Please read and check you are eligible for the Electric Vehicle Home Scheme grant before proceeding. 

  • Own or have an electric vehicle on order and be able to produce proof of order, if already owned vehicle must of been purchased after 1st October 2016.
  • Have a dedicated off street parking space.
  • Have not claimed the grant already on this or another electric vehicle.
  • In claiming this grant you won't be exceeding the limit of two OZEV funded home chargers per household.
  • The date of installation cant exceed 4 months prior to the date of delivery of your EV
  • The home charger must be OZEV approved
  • The vehicle must be listed on the EVHS eligible list Full guidance and details can be viewed on the link below

Please don't hesitate to contact one of the tecEv team with any questions. Full terms and conditions can be found here

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q: How much range will a home charger give my EV per hour?

This is dependent on the power output of your tecEv installed home charger, a 7.4Kw charger will on average give you 30 miles of range per hour.

q: Will my solar system work with my EV Charger?

tecEv offers the widest range of chargers to offer our customers the right charger for their EV, solar compatible chargers are highlighted under the relevant attribute for ease of selection.

q: My home is leased or rented can I still claim the OLEV grant??

Yes, providing you have written permission from your landlord/lady and tick all of the outlined criteria, as always the tecEv team will be happy to assist with further questions.

q: How do I claim the OLEV grant (£350) ?

At tecEv we do all the heavy lifting so you don't have to, simply check the criteria listed on the OLEV information page. Select and purchase your EV Charger from our extensive range and our admin team will contact you to gather the information needed to complete your claim.

q: Will my driveway have to be disturbed/dug up?

No providing power can be adequately sourced from your garage or home by the tecEv Install team who will assess and discuss the best option for fitting your EV Charger.

q: Do I need an earth rod fitted?

No, the tecEv range offers chargers with a technology known as O-PEN technology which intelligently monitors the incoming supply earth to safely disconnect the power to your charger in the event of a loss of earth.

q: I want to fit EV Chargers to my office or place of work. Can tecEv offer this service?

Yes, the tecEv team will be happy to consult with you to identify the best option for your business and claim the WCS grant on your behalf.

q: The existing load within my property is high, can i still have an EV Charger?

Yes, providing your existing electricity meter is to relevant standards and the incoming service head in a safe condition. Our extensive range offers flexibility to our customers. Load curtailment of your system can be installed by tecEv to ensure your EV Charger safely disconnects in the event of too high load being drawn. This involves the simple fitting of a current transformer at your incoming supply point and linking it to your home charger.

q: What Qualifications do tecEv Installers hold?

Our installers are fully qualified electricians, vetted and inspected by the NIC EIC to ensure the highest of standards are maintained. Qualified in the installation of EV Chargers,​ approved by the manufactures thru in house training and approved by the government run OFFICE FOR ZERO EMISSION VEHICLES (formerly OLEV).

q: How much does it cost to charge an EV?

Depending on your electricity tariff charging and the EV battery capacity an EV is significantly cheaper than running a petrol or diesel vehicle. Based on Kwh charge of 14p an EV with a 40 kwh battery would cost £5.60 to fully charge and deliver around 168 Miles of range* (figures based on Nissan Leaf).

q: How much Co2 is produced charging an EV in comparison to combustion engines ?

The overall estimated Co2 emissions from EV's is around 60% less than that of an average petrol or diesel car where the batteries are produced in the EU and the car driven and charged in the UK.*(Estimated).

q: What's the advantages of a home charger over using a standard 13 amp plug to charge my EV ?
  • A home charger will charge your EV 30-60% quicker than a 'granny charger' a Tesla can take upto 17 hours to charge on a standard 13 amp lead.
  • Home chargers give you smart capabilities allowing you to control, schedule and manage your EV charging from your smart devices.
  • There are no extension leads running thru windows or doors and the inconvenience that comes with it..


electric vehicle charger installation

At tecEv we offer sales, installation, service and maintenance for EV charge point requirements for both domestic and commercial customers. We are a dedicated OLEV and NIC EIC approved EV Charge point installer offering a wide range of products and accessories through our dedicated online shop, with a team of approved professional, highly trained, charge point installers we can deliver the complete package and take the stress out of your installation.

Our friendly and helpful admin team are always on hand to answer any questions. They can arrange free site surveys to meet one of our team and discuss your requirements. Choose us as your charge point installer and together we can reduce our carbon footprint and safeguard our planet for future generations.


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